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Donate to Build Tiny Homes for the Homeless!

donations help buy tiny home building materials to temporarily shelter our homeless neighbors while they await permanent housing

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Do you prefer to donate by Check, your Donor Advised Fund, or directly from your IRA?

Sound Foundations NW (SFNW) is addressing the crisis of unsheltered homelessness in Seattle by producing transitional tiny homes with our quick, efficient, cost effective, and streamlined building system.

Our 15,000 s.f. building facility in SoDo, The Hope Factory, hosts 15-25 daily volunteers working on our assembly-line-style and no-experience-necessary building system, constructing roughly 12 homes at a time, six days per week. Although we are one of about 50 organizations building tiny homes around the area, roughly 4 out of 5 homes in the more recent Tiny Home Villages were built by us. With our system, SFNW builds 35-40 tiny homes, an entire village’s worth, in about 10 weeks.

Our tiny homes are wood-frame construction and well insulated, with two operable windows and a locking front door, all architect-designed to last at least twenty years. After they leave the Hope Factory, homes also get electrical outlets, an overhead light, space heaters, and air conditioning. These are substantial and dignified temporary homes that offer stability, security, and community.

Once in a village, residents have access to shared restroom/shower facilities, kitchens and laundry, counseling, treatment, education, and community-building and consequently our city streets, parks, and tourist attractions are once again more available for everyone’s enjoyment. SFNW believes that tiny homes provide a quick, effective, affordable, and scalable solution to getting people off the streets, out of tents and encampments, and ready to accept help permanently transitioning out of homelessness -- and the data backs us up. Villages can be designed and completed in just a few months, and a 40-home village can be built, installed, and operated for a small fraction of the cost of other non-congregate shelter models. There are currently 21 tiny home villages operating around Puget Sound.

Tiny home villages offer transitional shelter in community settings. Through our all-volunteer building model, we currently build one tiny home for about $4500 worth of materials and our homes are built to last 20 years. Based on current averages, each transitional tiny home provides a warm, safe, dry, and healthy space to bring up to 3 people off the streets each year – meaning up to sixty sheltered citizens over the life of each home.

We agree with Mayor Bruce Harrell when he visited us and stated his belief that, “the tiny home village program is the first, best path to solving homelessness.”

And we need your help to continue tackling this problem . . .

Building tiny homes is a practical and tangible way to help relieve the crisis of unsheltered homelessness all around us. You can be a part of this compassionate effort by supporting Sound Foundations NW. Please make a generous one-time or ongoing donation, today. If your situation allows, please consider sponsoring one or more complete tiny homes at the $4500 level.

Know that your gift, at any amount, makes a visible difference as we work towards our 500th tiny home and continue to bring our unsheltered neighbors inside and off the ground. Thank you!